Marble Floor Polishing Dublin, Meath & Louth

Tile Cleaning Dublin

Over the years your marble floor will lose it shine and lustre and become stained from soil and grit. A result from the normal wear and tear of everyday use. This will require professional deep cleaning, sealing and polishing to restore its look, enhance its longevity and prevent further soiling and damage. We will give advice and guidance on interim cleaning methods and products to be used with a particular type of flooring in a detailed maintenance schedule for our clients to implement as part of our after sales strategy.

Professional Marble Floor Polishing Services.

We use the industrial grade cleaning agents with the best practices, techniques and the latest tile and grout cleaning equipment, which ensures that we deliver a high standard of service at a cost effective rate that benifets our client.

Your marble floors will be returned to their original condition upon completion of our work, leaving you in a healthier and happier environment .